Javed Aslam
Javed Aslam


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A Bit About Me

Javed is a veteran private equity real estate investor with over three decades of experience in the Indian real estate market, along with a proven track record of success in identifying and acquiring undervalued properties, which significantly appreciate over time. His experience in the Indian real estate market is diverse, having worked on various real estate projects, ranging from residential, commercial, and industrial. The breadth of his experience includes leading these projects from the acquisition stages and navigating through development, marketing, sales, and all the way through maintenance. His success in the Indian market can be attributed to the foresight and vision he has honed over the years, which led him to acquire properties that exploded in value years later. Experience over the years and in various industries gives him a pulse on market trends and drivers, which allows him to maximize his returns for himself and his investors. In addition to his real estate work, Javed is an industry-wide renowned distributor for one of the largest oil companies in India, Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. He owns and leads the largest dealers in Central Delhi, and his success in this role is a testament to his ability to nurture deep and impactful customer relationships which last over decades, as well as his ability to navigate and grow a business in a competitive market. Recently, Javed has been involved in a venture started by him and his business partner, which has quickly grown to become the largest ISO container manufacturer in India, as well as the pioneer manufacturer of twin-stacked and dwarf containers. They hold the patent to these container designs, which reduce the carbon footprint and optimize shipments for their consumers. This venture proved to be an excellent example of Javed's ability to identify opportunities, take calculated risks, and scale businesses quickly. Motivated by the potential for growth and the opportunity to diversify his investments, Javed has recently expanded their real estate investments to Canada. In the Canadian market, Javed is leading a new project where he has acquired a motel in the Niagara Falls area. The 20-room establishment is strategically located next to the historic Lundy’s Lane memorial. He plans to convert it into a 120-unit condominium. This project is in its early stages, where the right approvals are being procured before development. In his approach to investing in real estate projects, Javed is known for their disciplined and meticulous approach. He carefully analyzes each potential investment and conducts thorough due diligence to identify and mitigate potential risks. Overall, Javed is a successful private equity real estate investor with a proven track record of success in scaling and growing businesses in competitive markets, building meaningful customer relationships, and generating significant returns for himself and his investors.

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