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"Hello! Just thought you might like to know that I think your pet elephants have been bowling while you were out.
I'm concerned only for their safety – bowling can be dangerous. Signed, The Downstairs."
We're Regenerating the Home-Buying Process
A word of warning: That clever, desperate, sleep-deprived author of the above complaint note could be you. After all, all too many hectored neighbours have bought into their own nightmare by choosing the right house – in the wrong neighbourhood.

We get it. When you move, you don't just choose a house; you choose a neighbourhood. This sounds obvious, but think about it. Most home listing websites allow you to search properties by bedroom quantity, property acreage and listing price, but what about the quality of the neighbourhood? What about the ranking of the school district or the closet grocery store? What about the things that truly matter? We're Customizing Search Results to Match Your Needs :

HomeOptima is the only MLS Listing and Real Estate service in the greater Toronto area that offers Personalized Home Search. We put your home in context.

Traditionally, a real estate service will show you house for sales based on your preferred size, price, etc. Then, the lion's share of the work is on your shoulders. You have to commute to explore open houses. You have to scour Google for crime statistics and property resale values. You have to research covenant regulations and school rankings.

We stop the juggling act. We up-end "normal." You tell us what you want in a neighbourhood, and then HomeOptima finds the best homes in the right neighbourhoods. Convenience, Community and Commute – those are our 3C's, our guiding constellation. They are the DNA of our decision-making process.

Our proprietary search engine can instantly rank the Top 10 listings from more than 1,300 local neighbourhoods in 22 cities across the greater Toronto area. Each property, be it a single-family residence, condominium or townhome, receives a score based on how well it fits your criteria.

In addition to searching for bedroom size, price and other property factors, you can refine results using the following criteria:

• Neighbourhood crime rates
• School district ranking
• Work commute time
• Proximity to amenities
• Public transit services
• Community green space
• Local neighbourhood demographics

We're Looking for Homes, Not Houses

Too long have arbitrary numbers domineered over the homebuyer. After all, what does the number of bathrooms tell you about neighbourhood friendliness? So we set out to quantity and describe the "feel" of a place.

When you enter an address into our award-winning website or mobile app, we present you a deluge of information about the area to help you make a decision. If you want to know about the view, we tell you about the ratio of high-rise buildings versus single-family dwellings. If you want to know the nearest grocery store, public park or library, we tell you that, too. If you like the property, you can add the listing to your Saved Homes portfolio for future reference.

You can search for:

• Best City
• Best Neighbourhood
• Top 10

Our search engine will index and relay results from over 22 cities sprawled across the GTA, including Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Vaughan, Hamilton, Burlington, Oakville, Milton, Aurora, Newmarket, Richmond Hill, Markham, Scarborough, Pickering and others.

We're Empowering You to Research On the Move

We offer both Android and iOS mobile real estate search apps. One is available on Google Play, the other on Apple iTunes.

The apps preserve the same powerful search features as the website. You will also receive an alert when a new home becomes available in one of your favorite saved neighbourhoods. The Search Manager helps you keep track of your previous searches and preferred properties.

Here are our three other favorite mobile app features:

• You can connect with a local real estate agent.
• You can request a home comparison report of up to five homes mailed to your e-mail address.
• You can even apply for mortgage pre-approval.
The Android app requires Android 3.0+. The corresponding Apple app requires iOS 6.0+ and is compatible with the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

We're Rescuing Angry Neighbours

Don't become the downstairs neighbour banging on the ceiling with a broom handle writing notes about bowling elephants. Even more importantly, don't become the homeowner who feels homeless in the wrong house. Search for your home using HomeOptima, and make the right decision the first time.
Why Shop for a home on HomeOptima?
We offer Much more than MLS® Listings. We are first site to offer Personalized Home Search
Only at HomeOptima you can search homes by best schools, commute to work, proximity to amenities, transit and 5 other single or multiple criteria.
For any GTA location, we have gathered 50 plus insights that are important to homebuyers. Use our years of research to buy with 100% confidence.
View thousands of MLS® Listings in the Greater Toronto Area including homes for sale and rentals. Compare shortlisted homes side by side.
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Interesting to be provided with a score for my address - this is new and there isn't anything like this available to me.
It has extremely useful features, and considers almost all things I would look up manually (closeness of schools, transit stops etc.) when purchasing/renting a house.
This is pretty cool. It contains all the things that I will consider for purchasing a house.
Value for money feature & the ability to customise priorities. I liked that it allowed me to pick the 3 things that are most important to me to find the right city.
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